One Young World Shell Scholarship Programme

The One Young World scholarship is an initiative by Shell Netherlands to give ten ambitious, young people the chance to attend the One Young World summit in the city of London. The winners of this scholarship get a chance to present themselves and their projects at the 2019 summit.

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The Shell delegates at the OYW summit 2019

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Winners OYW Shell Scholarship Programme 2019

Winners OYW Shell Scholarship Programme 2019

Seventeen ambitious young people pitched their impressive projects and ideas for a better future on Wednesday 29 May in The Hague. The pitches ranged from creating equal opportunities on the Dutch labor market, to recycling plastic in rivers creating islands, to generating awareness for the energy transition through networks.

The expert jury consisting of Hugo Buis; General Manager Shell Customer & Business Integration New Energies, Marian Spier; Social Entrepreneur and Founder IAMarian, and Yousef Yousef; CEO LG Sonic BV had the difficult task to choose the best ten candidates. “We are deeply impressed by what we have heard and by the fact that at such a young age you know what you want and change the world for the better” said Yousef Yousef when handing out the winning tickets to the One Young World Shell Scholarship Programme.

And the winners are…

OYW Shell Scholarship Programme pitch event
OYW Shell Scholarship Programme pitch event

OYW Shell Scholarship Programme pitch event

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OYW Shell Scholarship Programme

Programmes and events
Scholarship Programme

OYW Shell Scholarship Programme

Following last year’s success, the One Young World Shell Scholarship Programme is back in 2019. Empowering ten more ambitious, young people in their efforts to make our world a better place.

Scholarship Event

Overcoming global challenges together

The One Young World summit offers a forum to exchange thoughts and ideas to positively impact the challenges faced by our society today within sustainability, climate change, social inequality and the future of education.

Sustainable Development Goals

  • Affordable and Clean Energy

    Are you committed to ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and innovative energy for all?

    Read more

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth

    Are you working to promote sustainable economic growth and decent work for all?

    Read more

  • Climate Action

    Are you tackling climate change and ensuring the Paris Agreement is met for all?

    Read more

The seventeen international Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations serve as a global sustainable development agenda for 2030. The Dutch business community can play an important role in achieving these objectives. Shell recognizes the importance of all goals but focusses on three specific goals within this programme.

One Young World Shell Scholarship Programme

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Video: Silhouetten van Abdelhamid & Fons worden draaiend getoond met daarin beelden van een schoolklas en een windmolenpark

Audio: Rustige achtergrond muziek met fluit door het hele filmpje heen.

Ondertiteling: [Instagram of Impact] [likes of legacy]

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Video: Abdelhamid wordt eerst geintroduceerd en daarna Fons met de volgende teksten bij hun profiel [ABDELHAMID, DELEGATE OYW SHELL, SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME 2018] & [FONS, DELEGATE OYW, SHELL SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME 2018]

De camera draait op de hoofden van Abdelhamid en Fons heen en het beeld verspringt van hun gezicht naar hun silhouette.

0.03-0.03 abdelhamid gezicht en schouders  [wat vind jij belangrijk]

0.04-0.07 silhouette Abdelhamid met feestende mensen [het oyw scholarship program]

0.07-0.10 Fons gefilmd van de achterkant van zijn hoofd, de camera draait langzaam naar zijn gezicht [heeft mij de skills en zichtbaarheid gegeven]

0.10-0.15 Silhouette Abdelhamid gevuld met drie jongetjes met hun armen om elkaar heengeslagen vanaf de achterkant gefilmd [Om meer kinderen uit kwetsbare wijken een plek te geven in de samenleving]

0.15- 0.16 Silhouette van Abdelhamid gevuld met een kindje op de schouders van zijn/haar vader op het strand

0.17- 0.19 silhouette van Fons gevuld met zonnepanelen en een zonsondergang op de achtergrond [Om meer jongeren actief te betrekken bij het klimaatakkoord]

0.19-0.21 beide silhouetten gaan in elkaar over

0.22- 0.23 silhouette van Abdelhamid gevuld met beelden van OYW [Dankzij dit programma]

0.24-0.26 silhouette van Fons gevuld met beelden OWY podium met feestende mensen wapperend met vlaggetjes [Kunnen wij een veel grotere impact maken]

0.27-0.28 Het hoofd van Fons vanaf de zijkant gefilmd terwijl beiden tegelijk zeggen: [hoe ga jij het verschil maken?]

0.29-0.30 Abdelhamid vanaf de voorkant gefilmd pratend in de camera [schrijf je in voor dit scholarship]

0.30-0.34 Audio: De achtergrondmuziek stopt.

Shell Logo met Shell muziekje met als onderschrift: [#MakeTheFuture] []



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OYW Shell Scholarship

Do you care about the world around you? Do you put your energy into the development of your neighbourhood, city or even country? Have you already started to make a difference to ensure Sustainable Development Goal #7, #8 or #13 are inclusive and applicable for all?

Summit Programme

The One Young World Summit will take place in London on 22 to 25 October 2019. All practical information about the summit can be found here. There will be many plenary sessions an a wide variety of subjects.

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