Jade Littlewood

I have always had the need to see the impact of what I do and to connect this to a greater purpose. This desire led me to spend school holidays caring for babies with medical conditions in Chinese orphanages, and to undertake an internship supporting the Corporate Social Responsibility team in activities such as educating Chinese reporters about the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. Growing up in a developing country, I witnessed rapid population growth, the increase in numbers of transport vehicles on the road, and the consequential decline in air quality, which significantly affected the environment as well as health of the people around me. This experience steered me towards my PhD research in the field of renewable energy; here I investigated a bamboo-to-bioethanol process to produce a lower- emission fuel for the transportation sector, taking into account the technical, economic and political factors. Now, working as an environmental advisor at Shell, I support teams in the design and execution of energy projects where the aim is to ensure that the  energy we provide  communities, households and enterprises, is not only viable from commercial and technical perspectives, but is also sustainable from environmental, social and community health standpoints too.

I look forward to this opportunity to meet with people of diverse backgrounds and experience, with a common goal of making a difference. I believe it will be a space for inspiration to share ideas on innovative projects and initiatives supporting the sustainable development goals. I hope to hear from people's experiences and to listen to their stories related to energy access, as well as to broaden my personal insights on other development goals and to find direct synergies with my work.

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