Nnenna Eleke

My contribution is in making clean and affordable energy accessible to people in underserved communities as targeted by Goal 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals through my volunteer work with Zeta Prime Alternative Technologies. Having lived all my life in Nigeria, I am familiar with the challenges of energy poverty. From young women who walk long kilometers to gather firewood to cook, to families in suburban areas who spend a large chunk of their income on unclean cooking fuels and young children who must do their homework using candlelight. The effects of energy poverty are far-reaching. I believe that for communities to reach their full potential the availability of clean, reliable energy is a prerequisite and that development of homegrown sustainable technologies are a vital component in tackling the energy poverty. Zeta is a Nigerian business focused on providing access to energy to people living in currently underserved energy. We act by collecting organic waste from these communities and processing them through anaerobic digestion to produce cooking gas, organic fertilizer with future plans for electricity. At Zeta, I contribute my engineering and project planning knowledge to ensuring the smooth planning and executions of our community-based projects.

Attending this summit will provide me the opportunity to share my experiences working in the Energy sector with people from diverse backgrounds in order to inspire actions that are transferable to their various passions and gain new insights that will help me as well.

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