Robin Scholten

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Robin Scholten guides young people with a distance from the labor market to get back on track. Robin himself came from a dark period, and because he had a genuine opportunity to make something of his life from Heilige Boontjes - an organization that supports young people with a labor market distance - he saw the light at the end of the tunnel and is now himself.

This is also his wish and goal for others in need. By being a supervisor at Heilige Boontjes, he can inspire and help young people find their place in the labor market and get them out of the pit. In addition, he can give a major but less known group a voice. He would like to welcome more youth at Heilige Boontjes, as well as companies that are willing to give them a place to work, as well as funding to increase the impact of Heilige Boontjes.

He looks forward to being coached himself through the Shell Scholarship Program, to take his mission and vision to a higher level. During the One Young World Summit he wants to show the world how many different young people deserve and need a place in the world, by showing what the impact is when they get that place: a small gesture can have a huge positive impact on many lives.