Adnan Falinoun

Born in Syria, Adnan Falioun left his war-torn hometown travelling to the Netherlands in 2016, where he now calls home. Daily, Adnan wakes up in Amsterdam where he makes it his mission to create better opportunities for work study and play for refugees like him. Although the Netherlands have taken on a large number of refugees, Adnan has noticed that a minimal 12% are awarded jobs in the current labour market.

Adnan envisions his project as most prolific in its long-term goals, the impact that he wishes to achieve is refugees having the possibility of holding decision-making and key roles in Dutch society. In order to do this, Adnan’s proposed project is an online platform whose aim is mediation of honest connectivity between job seekers and employers, with the possibility of training in various desired fields as well. In the end, both refugees as well as Dutch society will equally benefit and see the difference.

Adnan would like to personally achieve from the OYW Shell Scholarship Programme 2019:

“The experience and opportunity for networking as well as speaking with like-minded people to possibly collaborate with.”