Bas Veltenaar

Bas Veltenaar studies Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University, Deft and believes that energy, especially sustainable energy, should be available to everyone. However, if the market remains driven by large investments, sustainable energy will remain continuously inaccessible for poorer parts of the world indefinitely.

Through his project, Bas wants to connect his technical background in Delft with humanitarian issues, by offering an alternative and possible solution to the issue of renewable energy in Africa. His aim is the promotion and diversification of ‘Solar-Stirling engine powerplants’ – which are usually systematically confined and controlled by one part of the world – and in turn, create a model which can be easily set up, run and maintained in all parts of Africa by locals.

Bas looks forward to the process of working out his idea into a concrete product and wishes to dedicate himself to the development of the ‘Solar-Stirling’ engine himself as well as the distribution and installation, e.g. finding strategic places for assembly and training local technicians so the autonomy of the plants remain locally controlled.

Bas would like to personally achieve from the OYW Shell Scholarship Programme 2019:

“I have noticed that I have been driven into a fairly small technical corner located in Delft, therefore I would like to gain insight from people more experienced in humanitarian problems.”