Katarina Mihaljevic

Katarina is an enthusiastic consultant and PhD student, born in Croatia. ‘Rand Design’ is a company which Katarina has built, investigating organisational changes needed in helping companies adapt to new models for hiring possibilities. Katarina addresses the following targets through Rand Design: diversification, technological upgrading and innovation, employment of women and the protection of safe labour rights and safe working environments. Momentarily Katarina is focusing on the Northern region of the Netherlands, more specifically the regions of Delfzijl and Eemshaven.

In Groningen, Katarina is helping to re-define work positions in order to attract a more diverse set of candidates or people who may not have fit the position perfectly at first. Amongst others, these target groups include people who are under educated or have been out of the labour market for a while. As well as this, Katarina also adjusts the work environment by introducing sustainability targets, taking care of employee safety and by introducing child care systems which create more possibilities for female employees to return to work. 

Katarina would like to personally achieve from the OYW Shell Scholarship Programme 2019:

I have always been a bridge-builder between the academic and practical worlds, I would like to both widen and deepen my insights on the relationship between energy, industry and the public.