Khadija Bahara

Khadija Bahara is a sports and exercise fanatic born and raised in Amsterdam. Khadija has spent the majority of her career working and supporting the social and welfare sector as youth worker, caregiver and assistant researcher for the Lectorate Organisation and Cultural Change of the HvA and the municipality of Amsterdam.

On top of this, Khadija also has singularly set up her own social enterprise ‘Labuwa’, where she works as a behavioural trainer, using movement and fitness – through a boot-camp programme­ – as a way to empower socially vulnerable women. One of Khadija’s aims for ‘Labuwa’ in the future, is to reach at least 150 underprivileged or vulnerable women per year through sport and vitality activities, with the objective of trying to lower their expectations of the threshold for the labour market.

Khadija would like to personally achieve from the OYW Shell Scholarship Programme 2019:

“How I can boost my social enterprise so that I can reach and motivate more women with a socially vulnerable background and help them to participate more easily in labour markets.”