Naz Kawan

Through her work with ‘The Refugee Company’ and its aligned social enterprise ‘A Beautiful Mess’, Naz Amin Kawan’s aim is to create economic independence for people with a refugee background relocated to the Netherlands. Having first--‐hand experience herself, Naz’s mother is one of her most driving inspirations, as it’s from watching her mother struggle where Naz realised how difficult it is to find work in your trained profession as a newcomer in the Netherlands. 

In the 2019 programme at ‘A Beautiful Mess,’ Naz and her colleagues want to offer 25 tailors with a refugee background the space and opportunity to use their talents. On top of that this project is also committed to making the fashion and manufacturing industry more sustainable through local and fair production of products. Although the programme is already underway, the team at ‘A Beautiful Mess’ have an overflowing waitlist of over 50 applicants eager to join, so Naz’s aim is to raise enough funds to be able to help as many people as possible in to jobs.

Naz would like to personally achieve from the OYW Shell Scholarship Programme 2019:

“Have at least 5 tailors on the payroll and also have the means to guide 25 trainees to a high quality.”