Yorick Bruins

Yorick just recently back in the Netherlands after 7 years abroad. After studying Food Science and Food Policy, he lived and worked in Italy, London, East Africa and South Asia.

His mission is to create a fair coffee supply chain in which small-scale farmers have more say and can earn a decent income.

Through the one-year old social Enterprise Wakuli, coffee is supplied directly from farmers’ organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America to the consumer in the Netherlands through the shortest coffee supply chain. They now buy coffee from 3000 farmers. And not just that, 100% transparent, traceable and with a business model that allows to pay an average of 250% above market price to the farmer. They are currently working on a new part of our operations from Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) to bring high-quality jobs to coffee countries and would like to do this with an Ethiopian counterpart, in partnership.

In addition, when he is not exploring new cultures, indulging in his love for good wine and water sports, he works for a large pilot of the European and African Union to create employment in African agriculture and sustainable energy.

Yorick would like to personally achieve from the OYW Shell Scholarship Programme 2019:

“I am looking for advice to scale internationally. How can we create more impact in countries of origin and by means of business growth? Create real win-win, not just from storytelling or ‘doing good’ but because it makes business sense. I want to learn more about pitching the financial side of our company and we are also looking for capital to grow”