About the Scholarship Programme

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In 2018 Shell developed the One Young World (OYW) Shell Scholarship Programme to empower the development of diverse young leaders in the Netherlands to make a social mobility impact in the areas of energy transition, education and entrepreneurship.

Young World Summit

One Young World Summit

The Scholarship is back! And again, provides you with the opportunity to visit the One Young World summit, this year taking place in London. You will be part of a team of 10 ambitious young people who want to contribute to making our world a better place.

Collaborating beyond Borders

Collaborating beyond borders

This international event brings together 2000 young people from over 190 countries to exchange thoughts and ideas about what can be done concerning important world challenges around sustainability, climate change, social inequality and the future of education.

Creating Equal opportunities

Creating equal opportunities

For the OYW Shell Scholarship Programme, we are looking for ten young talents who live in the Netherlands and work on Sustainable Development Goals #7, #8 and #13 focusing on creating equal opportunities for all.

Empower equal Opportunities

Personal development

During the Scholarship Programme you will receive support with mapping and connecting your personal leadership qualities and exploring where you can still develop. Next the focus will be on empowering you to achieve your goals and accelerate the social impact of your project.

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The end goal is to work towards a social investment proposal, eligible for funding by Shell Netherlands. Secure the investment to make your project a reality!

The programme that empowers young leaders

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I can maximize my impact by engaging others and translating ideas into investible projects.

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I learn the skills and tools and gain the knowledge necessary to realize my goals towards my social initiative.

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I know my strengths, connect to my peers and understand how the Shell’s OYW programme can help my social initiative.

Programme overview

Application Details

Selection Criteria

  • Most delegates are between the age of 18 and 30. The OYW and Shell team will consider applications from those who are older than 30 demonstration of appropriate personal impact, initiative and willingness to engage. We are not able to accept applications from those who will be aged under 18 at the time of the OYW summit
  • Currently living in the Netherlands (and during the time of the OYW summit)
  • Good motivation and complete application form showcasing the impact you are making in SDG #7, #8 or #13
  • Available and motivated to spend time on the Shell Scholarship Programme and OYW summit. There will be 7 (full) training days, in addition to coaching, mentoring and working on your project plans, plus 4 summit days
  • Good command of English is desirable since the OYW summit is entirely in English. The Shell Scholarship Programme will be in Dutch
  • Able and eligible to travel to the UK

What the scholarship provides

  • Access to the OYW summit 2019 in London
  • The costs of travelling to and return from the UK
  • Transport, accommodation and food during the OYW summit in London
  • Training and participation in OYW Shell Scholarship Programme
  • Personal coaching, leadership training, storytelling guidance and project management skills
  • Travel to and from trainings is not included
  • Learning handouts and supporting materials

Important Dates

  • Pitch training – (23 May)
  • Pitch and nomination event – (29 May)
  • Kick starter event (May/June) Essentials day 1 (May/June)
  • Essentials day 2 (Aug/Sep)
  • Investment proposal working day (Aug/Sep)
  • Pitch podium (Voluntary – Sep/Oct)
  • OYW summit (22–25 Oct)
  • Kick-Forward (Nov)
  • Investment proposal submittal (early December)


Do you have questions? Contact OYW-Shell@shell.com

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