Fay de Waal

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During Fay’s high school years, she set up a project, "You Should Know", to raise awareness for global issues that are often overlooked (food waste, water pollution, modern-day slavery, etc.). She was finalist for the Sustainable Business Battle and currently, she is a finalist in the Carbon Footprint Challenge. In 2019 she will be a board member of the Green Office Delft. Her determination and passion to make a difference in sustainability is a result of experiencing the consequences of pollution first hand, but also realizing that she wants to make the most of the opportunities she has been given. As a woman, who's been involved in playing football in a team with men, studies engineering, and has played drums in a rock band, and speaking 3 languages; her abilities have been undermined on countless occasions. Therefore, she is looking into putting her technical knowledge to use, but also eager to learn and share experiences with people from her generation.

Her expectations from OYW Summit 2018: “I want to make a lasting impact towards a sustainable society and go beyond an environment of engineers, so I seek to extend my network to a diverse group of individuals with ideas, motivation and ambition to change the way we think or act and make a positive impact.”