Fons Jansen

Working through the "Klimaat Energie Koepel“ Fons contributes to the importance, nuances and challenges about the Dutch Climate Agreement, in particular the energy transition in the Dutch Chemical Industry. As an ambassador of "Socrates Nederland“, Fons visits secondary schools to explain how important ambitious and passionate mind- set is to achieve your goals.

He believes that in order to make an impact you need to do things and to them together, i.e. when our education system is not in pace with the latest developments, do something to improve it and stimulate changes, do something about it.

Fons’ expectations from OYW Summit 2018 are “for fruitful discussions on ideas how education could prepare our generation better to fulfil the energy transition; to learn how youngsters organise themselves in other countries and how the Dutch network could help them develop further; and lastly to inspire others with my personal heroes like Gunter Pauli and many more.”