Liza Zjyrova

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Liza has dual nationality, Russian and Dutch, she studied in Shanghai and interned in Dubai. She believes that building bridges between different worlds through dialog on topics which are unconventional and might be uncomfortable at first is the most efficient way to connect with one another on a deeper level. She was born as a refugee in Leeuwarden and due to barriers she had during her childhood she is determinate to do something for the community, something that can truly impact the life of another person; By combining my purpose with my passion, such as making sustainable energy solutions in areas where people need it the most". Liza is a building engineer, who together with group of students constructed a modular, circular, and self-sufficient building for the Solar Decathlon Challenge 2017. She also works in the start-up Factory Zero, which manufacture smart energy modules for zero- energy houses. She is passionate about STEM and dedicates her free time as volunteer in VHTO as a mentor to high school girls to peruse study/career in STEM.

Her expectations from OYW Summit 2018: “The OYW community believes this generation will leave the world in a better state than its current one. The forum will be attended by social entrepreneurs with whom I could bundle our knowledge and powers, to potentially create a new start-up.”