Mart van Kuijk

Mart his passion is promoting LGBT rights and inclusion and how this topic is not specifically addressed in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He is working on a manifest that will serve as a starting point for the signatories to promote LGBT inclusion in their organisation, and to make sure that the challenges that LGBT community faces is accounted for in business strategies and responses to the SDGs. As an SDG Goalkeeper, Sustainability consultant and progress hunter, his aim is for a better world in all the decisions that he make. Mart sees himself as an intermediary: responsible for three things: to gather A-list organisations to sign a high-quality manifest, that more attention goes to the topic and the companies that sign this agreement or manifest, and that impact is made, monitored and reported back to the signatories.

Mart’s expectations from OYW Summit 2018: These types of events always bring me a lot of energy. By interacting with other cultures and sharing ideas with likeminded people partnerships will form and friendships are born. Regarding my project I first think that this is the perfect podium to address this issue and to take my idea to an international level. Second, on a more practical level it will bring me possible signatories and sponsors”