Maxime Ludding

As global marketing analyst for Shell's growing LNG fuel business, I have been working with many suppliers, customers and government representatives to bring about change in the transport sector. LNG is a cleaner, affordable and available alternative to diesel and marine fuels and the only available alternative to heavy duty trucks and large marine vessels. Educating different stakeholders on the positives effects of large-scale adoption has been the primary focus of my work. Many of these stakeholders are still unaware of the fact that LNG is the only available fuel alternative on the market that can have a huge and immediate positive effect on the environment, bringing society closer to reaching the Paris Climate Accord goals.

My overall goal is to get inspired and inspire others and go home with a concrete set of ideas I can work on to bring about change in my own job, at Shell and in my personal life. I'm especially interested hearing the perspectives of delegates from less-developed countries where it comes to dealing with and complying with the Paris Climate Accord. Dealing with the effects of climate change will weigh disproportionally on less-developed countries, who are waiting anxiously on - and working hard for - more economic prosperity. I expect to gain new insights in the way these developing countries are preparing themselves for the future and the expectations they hold where it comes to receiving support from more affluent countries to tackle these challenges. During my time as a student, I have benefit greatly from being a part of AIESEC (the world's largest student-run organization). I have first handedly experienced what a diverse, young and ambitious group of people can achieve when put in the same room. I have similar expectations when thinking about the vibe at this conference.

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