Mourad El Moussati

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Mourad started as a result of his search of ways to remove prejudices to create equal opportunities in the labor market. Not only because everyone deserves equal opportunities from an ethical standpoint, but also because he strongly believes in the power of combining different cultural backgrounds to create the best performing teams. He aims to work together with different people and organizations, political and media. He participated in House of Representatives by Zohair El Yassini and was recognized by Klaas Dijkhoff during the broadcast of College Tour. Additionally, Mourad has been involved in various media and television programs to share his story and vision on diversity. Currently he is exploring, together with group of politicians, the possibilities of working on some of the challenges he is addressing in his project.

His expectations from OYW Summit 2018: “To be able to inspire people with my story and my solution. I hope to leave more determined than ever before to chase after equality in the labour market!”