Odinakachi Umunna

I have a demonstrated passion for the Energy Transition, Access to Energy, and Climate Change. My passion for Access to Energy comes largely from experiences I have had in my home country. I grew up in a neighborhood where power supply was limited and irregular. I saw first-hand how lack of constant power supply hampers progress and limits opportunities. The more I learn about the world, the more I realize how important access to clean and affordable energy is. I am convinced that Access to Energy is Access to opportunities, information, better health, and a better life. I also realize that the way we currently generate and use energy is hurting us and our planet. And if we do not take urgent action, we might not have a home to pass on to future generations. The effects are already glaring and the negative possibilities are real, scary, and around the corner. For example, within decades it is likely that the Marshall islands, a tiny Pacific Island nation of 50,000+ inhabitants will be submerged by the ocean if ocean levels continue to rise at the current rate largely due to the effects of climate change. I dream of a world powered by clean energy and I want to help as much I can to make that dream a reality.  My  goal  is  to  "Power  Progress  by  Providing  More,  Cleaner  Energy  to  Everyone, Everywhere".

In 2017, I volunteered to join a team of Young Shell Nigerians that participated in the Shell ‘Access to Energy’ Social Impact Fund contest. Our proposal to execute a mobile solar power project was successful and received funding under the contest. The project is currently under implementation powering Energy Access to rural families. Within my organization, I have demonstrated thought leadership and provided awareness on the Energy Transition. This I have been doing through presentations I've made at various fora within Shell, and articles I have written on the Energy transition. To create positive change, I joined and currently lead the team that recently established and is coordinating the Future Energy Lions Nigeria hub.

Future Energy Lions is a volunteer employee network made up of individuals who try to create internal awareness on what happens externally with regards the energy transition, and how Shell can best act on those.

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