Oshin Katulkar

I am representing Shell for India 2022 coalition set out by Indian government. It is a business-led coalition to translate India's sustainability vision into business opportunities that can contribute positively towards country's future around the themes of - healthcare & sanitation, access to energy, waste to value, and sustainable mining. My role is to identify commercial business models that are scalable, innovative and sustainable for overall rural development. In this role, I have been interacting with many foundations, NGOs, government agencies, villagers, start-ups and corporates to understand the landscape and challenges and am experiencing things on-ground. I believe my experience will be useful in the summit to discuss challenges and learnings specifically in the field of Access to Energy and Social Entrepreneurship, from one of the fastest growing developing nation in the world, and to help me to understand challenges and solutions that have worked elsewhere.

One Young World Summit provides a perfect platform to discuss big problems that the world is facing and the role of youth in solving those challenges. For me, I am looking forward to learn more about the challenges and problems across the globe, get learnings from the solutions that are tried and tested elsewhere, network with the larger crowd to work collaboratively in solving these problems, and understand how global policies are shaping up. I look forward to expand my global network of young, passionate and highly energetic individuals and to build strong case for corporates and other agencies to work together to build a world of “Compassionate Capitalism”

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