Rajae Atahiri

Rajae was part of Solar Team, Amsterdam University of applied sciences, who constructed a solar boat and participated in the Solar 1 race. During this project she reinforced, experimented and contributed to the world of Clean Mobility. She started a business in CleanTech, with the concept to recycle pallet wood and utilize 3D printing to make lighting. During the SYBIT Tech Award, they got the third prize for having the best startup from the SYBIT program 2017. Currently, she at the start of a project to create playgrounds that can accommodate children who use a wheelchair or who have other physical disabilities. Rajae believes that "a person can never be broken. Our built environment, our technologies are broken and disabled." Her goal is to give these children a safe haven and a carefree environment, in which they can connect with their peers more easily. To do so we need to start to make an impact at the beginning phase of every human – during childhood, the playgrounds need to be inclusive. It's a NON-Negotiable Right. Her expectations from OYW Summit 2018: “to connect with people who have a lot of wisdom and insight to offer me, so that I can go to the next level within my further plans for the future.”