Rafik El Malki

If you have an idea to make the world more beautiful, wake Rafik up because he is ready! Rafik is 26 years old and studies Business Administration at Avans University of Applied Sciences in Den Bosch, currently doing a graduation project at the IND.

He is the project leader of Students Community Arnhem, an initiative that is committed to guide students to make the transition from MBO to HBO education. Young people from different layers of society participate, but especially young people from a socially vulnerable background. Kids who have stopped their education and are not working. By offering, among other things, role models, we inspire young people and we support and guide them in making a study choice, together we go on the road to a better future. Next to this Rafik also work as a volunteer at Presikhaaf University, where he provides homework support to groups 7 and 8 students. And he has organized 3 editions of De Picknick, with the aim of having highly educated young people meet with employers.

Students Community Arnhem does not want to stick to Arnhem. We are asked from different cities if we cannot broaden our horizons and that is why we have ambitions to expand.

Rafik would like to personally achieve from the OYW Shell Scholarship Programme 2019:

“I see a lot of opportunities for us, personally it will be a super cool experience to be amongst world improvers, to inspire and motivate each other. Inspiration and motivation are key for me. I would like to be ‘recharged’ to be able to make a difference”