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What is the programme about?

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Entrance to the Summit

The winners of the Scholarship  will get the opportunity to go to the One Young World Summit 2018 in The Hague, as part of a team of 20 ambitious doers who want to contribute to make the world a better place. This international event brings together 1500 young people from 196 countries to exchange thoughts and ideas. To exchange what can be done about important world challenges around sustainability, climate change, scarce raw materials and social inequality.

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Accelerate impact

In the run up to the Summit the there is also room for personal coaching with experts. To build a network with other participants and create attention for the projects. In short, this is a unique chance to accelerate the impact the projects have  together with the One Young World (OYW) community.

Why do we have a programme?

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Part of our Social Investment

The Shell Scholarship seeks to support young people who use their energy to help color the world of tomorrow.

With this, we support young leaders of various backgrounds and skill sets that care about the world around them. Who put their energy into the development of neighborhoods, cities or even and entire country. With this Scholarship, Shell supports young leaders who have already started to make a difference in the field of Education, Access to Energy, Social Entrepreneurship or Social Cohesion. All fields which are important to us.

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The One Young World Summit will take place in The Hague on 17 to 12 October 2018. All practical information about the summit can be found here. There will be many plenary sessions an a wide variety of subjects.

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